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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

First and foremost sorry for the long post and for my English..

To me Ang’s Hulk is far superior to TIH both as a movie and as a Hulk movie…

Let me try and break it down:

-Hulk: Acting was awesome, but sometimes over the top (Banna and Nolte)… Conelly and Eliot were awesome for their roles… Actors managed to make me love or hate their respective characters and there was chemistry between them which made me care for the characters thus making the whole movie experience worthwhile…
-TIH: Seemed to me that actors didn’t put much effort in it and generally lacked charisma (and it’s not just script… good actor would make even the stupidest sentence sound awesome and meaningful… Just look at McKellen, Molina and the likes )… Lack of chemistry between Tyler and Norton really killed it for me… Only one that was good was Tim Roth.

-Hulk: Loved that they tried to do something different and break the formula… Essentially the formula is still there, but is done from different angle. Hulk’s/Banner’s psychological issues are what character is all about (even in comics) and I love that they focused on that. Hulk is both byproduct and manifestation of Banners inner demons, and they got that right, and that is what matters to me. Bassicaly the script itself is very simple and can be summed up in a 2-3 sentences, but how they showed characters is what made the script shine… It’s not very faithful to the comics and, for me, it did not hurt the overall movie since I’m not that of nitpicker and I see the movies as an “alternate universe” to comics, and as long as the movie is good and the characters are somewhat recognizable, I’m fine.
-TIH: Again, script itself is not bad. It is logical Hulk script, and I kinda liked it. It had everything the Hulk movie “sequel” should have. What I didn’t like is how it was presented, and general lack of acting/directing effort killed the good script… Point is they presented it as a formulaic action movie and killed any depth the script had (I mean, you got mentally unstable man who can turn into a monster, a ticking bomb if you will, on the run from some covert military group, and enough character interactions to make the best thriller/horror movie ever…)… Again, the script was not faithful to the comics, but I do not mind…

-Hulk: Ang did a better job. Like I stated before, character interactions were better (director had to do something with it, right), atmosphere was better, and buildup toward the action sequences was soooo good it actually made me care about smashing and explosions and stuff… I love that the action sequences were not only “Hulk smash, rarrghh, and then something explodes awesomely” but were presented with so much emotions which has to do with previous buildup and characters themselves… The director/studio/team made a fine film with this.
-TIH: Leterrier is not good director, in my opinion, and was not the right man for a Hulk movie… Hulk movie needs to have something more than pretty action and I think that director failed… Though, it might be studio interference or other stuff…

-Hulk: Better developed as a character. He didn’t need to talk to be expressive, and I love that he had both angry and calm “phases”… Yes, he had dumb facial expressions when he was calm, but I find that it made him more likeable because he was nothing more than a psyche of a troubled child and it worked for me. Visually, he was fine and I liked that he wasn’t always tense, flexed bulging muscles and that he had more “tissue” instead only muscles and skin. It made him more organic and imposing. Nolte made good over-the-top villain and the only thing that I didn’t like was that they didn’t use established comic book villain. Dogs were fun.
-TIH: This version was also fine visually, but as a character he somewhat lacked. Yes, he, in all his CGI glory, was still the best developed character in the movie and the one that showed the most of emotions. Wasn’t fan of ‘roided veiny look, but am not against it either. Abomination was awesome! I was not the fan of the look until I saw it in motion. He looked intimidating and too bad that he didn’t appear in better movie…

-Hulk: Love it, main theme is haunting…
-TIH: Haven’t remembered any of it… 

The most memorable scenes:
-Hulk: “Puny human!”-shivers-, every Hulk-out, Banner Sr.’s experiments in intro, entire underground base-desert sequence, final battle
-TIH: final battle, Hulk’s arm emerges after Banner’s fall, “Is that all you got?”

I think the thing that killed Ang's Hulk was timing of the release... If it was released today, it would get better reckognition and praise. We have more "deep and phylosophical" superhero movies today, and it would fit right there...

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