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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
MCD would own, and I also like the idea of M'Baka being a contemporary of T'Chaka, lending to the traditionalism thing.

I honestly don't have a really good suggestion for Klaw. Jason Isaacs was the best I could come up with, but I liked the suggestions of people like Viggo Mortensen and Liam Nesson, though it's unlikely that those guys would go for villains, which I guess kinda raises the problem with the idea of big name villains. So... maybe it's not possible, but it's something on my mind, I guess.
I doubt they'd be against it if the script was good enough. Neeson has already played a villain in a CBM before its not like its new ground. Viggo strikes me as the kind of actor who would love to challenge himself with different roles. If they could write Klaw as a really sinister villain and imbibe him with depth, i could see it happening with Viggo.

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