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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Real Name: Jiragi Ryu (Or Ryu Jiragi in North America)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Blue-Grey
Race: Japanese
Age: 26
Power1: Personal Energy Manipulation - Can create a barrier around himself that slows projectiles or physical attacks. Can alternatively use this Energy Manipulation to fire energy projectiles from his handguns with a variety of "bolt" types.
Power2: Superhuman Reflexes
Orgin Of Powers: Ryu's parents were mutants, and therefore he was born a mutant as well.
Bio: Ryu first discovered his abilities in High School. During a science lab, one of the students misused some highly combustible chemicals and caused an explosion which sent shards of glass flying across the room. In the middle of the panic, Ryu held his arms up to his face and braced for impact. Much to his surprise, nothing happened. He opened his eyes to find the glass "floating" in front of him, suspended in midair. When he dropped his guard, the shards fell to the ground. During Kendo practice, his opponents' swings and thrusts would come to a slow movement the more his stress rose. This was just the beginning of his abilities.

Ryu and his parents moved to Canada when he was 17, before completing High School, hoping to start a new life away from the criticisms of his peers. He attended another high school and joined the soccer team. During a league game, the ball was sent spiraling towards him at high speed. His body acted on instinct, and without much warning, he had spun, done a back-flip, kicked the ball in midair and scored the winning goal for his team. He had no idea how it happened, but this was how he discovered his reflexes. More incidents followed suit, such as Ryu catching falling objects with ridiculous accuracy and precision or practicing soccer against a wall and never letting the ball hit the ground once. People ostracized him from then on.

When he turned 20, Ryu moved to China, hoping to get away from the world. He had always wanted to learn Kung Fu. He trained for years there, slowly growing stronger. During sparring sessions his first power would show itself from time to time, slowing punches and kicks down, allowing Ryu to act without much worry. Some students called him a demi-god in the making, others called him a freak. Still, he stuck it through and learned as much as he could.

When he turned 26, he moved back to Japan, only to find that his parents were murdered. Ryu became lost in despair and, without thinking of the consequences, ran to the nearest black market dealers he could find and bought a Katana and 2 handguns. He then moved about Japan, inquiring, interrogating and hunting the people who murdered his parents. After weeks without a single clue, Ryu began to give up hope. He walked about for a short while before hearing something that renewed his vigor. Mutant Haters speaking of a couple they'd killed in the same neighbourhood where Ryu was born. Fury drove him, adrenaline fueled him and before too long his rage pushed him to engage the men he had come across.

He screamed out and then a firefight ensued. He dodged bullets as though he could see them coming, fired his own rounds back at the men with deadly precision. One circled around him and caught him off guard, firing an automatic weapon at him. Ryu had only barely noticed and put up his barrier. The bullets seemed to float there. Ryu aimed his handguns at the thug and pulled the triggers. Nothing. He screamed and kept pulling the triggers. His powers continued to build and then the handguns fired projectiles that were not bullets, but energy bolts. The bolts were fueled by the energy within him that create the barrier he uses. The thug went down as the energy bolts connected and exploded, leaving particles of light in the air as they dissipated.

The other thugs had already regained their composure and now had pipes and baseball bats in their hands as they ran towards him. Ryu dropped his guns and got into his Kung Fu stance as they approached. The first one swung for Ryu's ribs, but he effortlessly avoided the hit by ducking and then flipping backwards, kicking the weapon from the thug's hands. As he landed, Ryu punched him so hard that he flew backwards a few feet, landing with a thud that cracked the base of his skull. The last thug charged Ryu and yelled out, as if trying to intimidate with a battlecry. Ryu drew his Katana and slashed at this pathetic excuse for a human being and cut him in half, right down the middle.

Having avenged his parents, Ryu stood there, blood dripping off of his blade. He didn't know what to do. He came to the conclusion that his parents must have wanted him to live a normal life and hid their gifts from him. Sorrow filled his eyes as he crumpled to the ground and his grip on the Katana loosened. Then he heard a voice. He looked around and saw no one, but still it spoke. "You're not alone. Come to the harbor and we'll talk."

He sheathed his blade and picked up his guns. He took one last look at the men who killed his parents and then shamefully looked away and ran towards the harbor. When he got there, Emma Frost and Storm were waiting for him. "Come with us" said Emma. Ryu hesitated. Storm cocked her head and asked "Are you afraid we'll bite?" Ryu shook off his hesitation and walked with them. They boarded a jet that Ryu had never seen before, but he didn't question it.

After arriving at their destination, Ryu was introduced to the rest of the X-Men and was assigned to Storm for instruction. He quickly learned about how his powers worked and how to control them at will. Beast handily fashioned some new handguns for him that relied on the energy he emitted for ammunition, allowed for more focused shots or explosive shots like the ones that killed the thug in Japan. He called himself "Pathfinder" in honor of his parents, as one who forever looks for the right path in life.

Storm is still his teacher today.
Teacher: Storm
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150lbs

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