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Default Re: The RPG Concept Thread - 2011 Edition

I've been thinking of an Amalgam (*cold shiver travels down Byrd's spine*) Horror based RPG.

With the recent success of the horror titles Animal Man and Swamp Thing in the new DCU, combined with the veritable gold mine of untapped potential that Marvel is squandering by not doing anything with their own horror line of characters like Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, Morbius the Living Vampire and numerous others... and opening it up to other fictional and mythological characters who could fit such a game I think there's definitely potential in the concept (of course, that won't mean anything if people aren't interested).

So your dream has been to see Team Jacob and Team Edward get curb-stomped by Moon Knight and Blade? We can make it happen.

Want to see the Scooby Gang try repeatedly in vain to pull off Ghost Rider's face only to see him get pissed off and unleash a Penance Stare on Fred, to make him feel the deaths of the sack full of puppies he drowned because Shaggy and Scooby (the stoners) couldn't afford alimony for the pregnant b****es Scooby knocked up. (...What? It's a correct term!) We can make that happen too... although I've probably ruined your story if that was your plan ...sorry about that.


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