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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

ok i seen the film and im going to give my appinion

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
the film wasnt bad but i can see where some of the bad reviews come from...

so first of all the film was all style and visual subpar eye candy which is good if you like that sorta thing, but it contained very little substance and at times i felt like i was watching a rock music video

but while it started out promising the story become really hollow later on and i felt nic cage was the only thing that stopped it from getting boring by the end

and the characters just seemed to be there and had no development i could see, while the devil reminded me of a gangster mob boss which didnt seem very threatening at all and as for the ghostrider... well he visually looked better then in the 1st film but i dont get what was with the swaying or zombie like walking , i guess it was to make the rider seem insane and freaky but i found him more badass in the 1st film and i didnt like his voice much in this either as it was just nic cage wispering and didnt look right coming out of the riders mouth, i actally prefered the 1st films riders growly voice

while the action was better then the 1st film i really do think had there of been more action it could of just about saved this film but ghostrider appeared very little and when he did appear i kept waiting for something good to happen and when it was over i was really disapointed.

i do see why some were bothered about the ghostrider soul stare thing as it gave us no clue to what he was actally doing to the guy, just like the car fight with that bad guy (sorry dont know his name) where he just stares and screams and thats the end of the bad guy which seemed abit anti-climatic

overall sony really should have got better directors as from the outset as i could see many things that could have been done better

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