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Default Re: How many years should WB wait before making a Batman reboot?

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Just because Batman is a perfectionist when it comes to crime fighting doesn't mean he isn't flawed. He is obsessive, cold, isolated and distant as Batman. His tactics are considered by some to be brutal and unlawful. He makes his own rules blurring the line between justice and abusive power. Emotionally he is gaurded and socially he is manipulative.

He is the perfect example of how a perfectionism itself can be a curse and flaw.

But psychological and personal flaws aside when it comes to crime fighting the audience should be in awe of Batman. I'm not saying that Batman should never get hurt or lose a challenge but when he does it will be because of the vastness of the challenge not due to weakness or lack of foresight of Batman.

Batman should be a phenomenom, the epitome of human ability and drive. His only failures should be due to the limitations and poor judgement of those around him.

For every scene we see Batman's falter we should see 5 where does the near impossible. He's supposed to be the ultimate bad ass, not Marty McFly.
And I agree that Batman should be impressive, but I don't want to see a Batman who can't be surprised or challenged. It's the kind of problem I had with the Schumacher films: Whenever Batman got in a deathtrap, he could almost always pull out a gadget to escape that we have never seen before nor will ever see again, even in situations it would be useful.

I want to see a Batman who has to think on his feet and improvise to overcome his enemies. One who prevails because of his ingenuity, not because of his utility belt.

And I don't want Batman to be infallible, with any failures being the fault of others. It's okay for Batman to be wrong sometimes, that makes him human.

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