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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Finally saw the movie today and all my fears were pretty much confirmed. The movie was poorly made, not very faithful to the comics, poorly directed and generally looked cheap.

The only thing that saved it were the cast, Cage and Elba especially, and SOME of the action. In fact the final 20-30 mins of the movie pretty much saved it from being extremely poor. Blackout was crap, using the comics Blackout would have been much more effective along with using his comic powers.

The Rider did some VERY bizarre things and some scene's were literally cringe-worthy. Swaying from side to side, floating in mid-air, and especially the scene of Cage just screaming into the camera for about 5 mins straight, not to mention the crap 3D. I have never liked the directors, and the fact that they decided they knew better than countless comic book writers who have done amazing things over the years with GR shows how idiotic they are. And dont get me started on the pathetic excuse for the Penance Satre they gave us. Keep these two away from any and ALL comic book movies forever please. I actually dont think the script and story were that bad but these guys messed both up.

5/10 for me, as a GR fan VERY dissapointing.

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