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Default Re: If MOS gets made and is a great film... Will people revisit SR and like/hate it m

I'm not that fussy over anything really when it comes to superman (yes as cheesy as they are i like superman 3 and 4) ive liked every adaptation of him on the big screen and on the small screen (smallville is probably my least favorite from season 4-10 season 1-3 i love so much) That said....

I think the more i see MOS the more I like it and see the errors of Superman Returns Although I still love it arguably as much as i love S:TM I just have a feeling I'll find it boring compared to MOS...MOS seems from what I gather will have more action and seems like it will reall explore that transition from Farmboy clark to Superman clark something we havent really had on the big screen ..

and after reading what MD had in mind for a sequel to SR Im glad its kind of done with... and feel it sort of ends the Donnerverse.

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