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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

My breakdown of Smallville - Good Bad and Ugly

Best 10 things about the show:

10. FOTW - while a lot of people complained in early seasons about the overuse of 'Freak of the Weeks', I thought it was a great idea, and a way of making a show with a similar general episode forumla to Buffy, X-Files etc, who had 'monsters of the week' as well. It's IMO the best way of making a successful show and the reason it last 10 seasons. The episodic nature can be enjoyed by the casual viewer but there is enough of an 'arc' throughout each series to satisfy fans as well. I thought they did a great job with it.

9. Checkmate, The Suicide Squad and The VRA - the villainy in seasons 9 and 10 was very exciting. The Justice League, instead of dodging monsters or criminals, are dodging governments and organisations. The kind of people with a great reach, a lot of power and influence and who they were very unprepared to fight. The use of these institutions provided some of the best arcs the show had.

8. All the colours of... Kryptonite! - Green K (aka Meteor Rock) Red K, Black K, Silver K, Blue K... You may call it over kill, but I couldn't get enough of the stuff. Yes, Green K's effects inconsistencies were a tad annoying over the seasons, but TC plots have always been a soft spot of mine so I never minded it's inclusion (even if so random it made no sense I.e. The kryptonite watch in 'Committed'). I also loved Tom Welling as 'Kal' and it looked like he loved it too A chance to show a different side to him. Oh, and who doesn't love episodes like 'Onyx' and 'Splinter', up there I my favourites gallery because they respective kryptonite's created incredibly good storylines!

7. The Villans (The Good Ones) - some villains belong in a list of awful things Smallville gave us. A few of them however, were incredibly good. These are the three that stand out for me: James Marsters Brainiac, Callum Blue's Zod, Chris Gauthier's Toyman. They were all brilliant modern takes on their comics counterparts. Not quite the same (as nothing on Smallville ever is ), but keeping in tact enough of what makes the characters to still be a huge success in my mind.

6. The Ships (The Good Ones) - Yes, shipping wars drove every internet fan crazy, and the focus on relationships over Clark's development was sometimes the down side of the show... But they did eventually get it right with Chlollie and Clois. Because those pieces natural fit. After spending season after season trying to force people together who were just obviously not right for each other, the finally figured out that the show could centre on two couples who DO work but for entirely different reasons. Both the Clois arc and the Chlollie arc are what gave the show it's heart right at the end. I hear a lot of people say they wish the show could have ended in season 5, but then all we would have remembered would be Clana and Chloe's crush.. And that would have been a damn shame.

5. The Justice League, The Justice Society, Dr Hamilton - from the minute Green Arrow showed up, I loved him. And when Justice aired and he'd rounded up other cameo heroes into a team, the show hit a new level of awesome. It became more than just a show about young Clark Kent, but also a show opening up the whole world of the DC universe to younger generations. And I think that was an amazing achievement.

4. Father and son- Clark's relationship with his father (and to a lesser extent mother) has always been something I felt should be given a lot more weight than it usually is. Obviously Martha is very much the embodiment of a loving mother. Home cooked food, advice on woman, hugs and kisses and swelling with pride at her beautiful boy. But it's Jonathon that he looks up to. It's his words and his approval that mean the most to him. And that dynamic on the show was exactly right.

3. The Luthors - in Smallville, the Luthor name doesn't just mean Lex. It's a whole bloodline, a whole twisted family history that makes you wonder why Lex isn't WORSE than he is. And it was incredibly fun to see all that play out, right up to Tess Mercer's addition to the family tree. The one and only retconn I didn't hate because it seemed right somehow. The season 10 episode 'Luthor' sort of said it all - if your even connected to the Luthor family, it's like poison in your veins.

Lex and Lionel's early relationship, full of games, cryptic quotes and challenges, and void of anything remotely recognisable as a father and son connection, was definitely one of it's strongest assets.

2. The Stuff of Legend - Lex and Clark's friendship was the most important relationship of the show for me. Filled with so much chemistry there is an internet full of slash fiction about them rivalled only by Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, it was heart breaking to watch them drift apart. And even when he was gone, you could still feel his effect on Clark's life. Unlike a lot of things that came, went and were swiftly forgotten, Lex was kept alive even when he wasn't around. Whether just in a look (the Tess and Clark plane conversation in 'Turbulence' comes to mind), or in the physical form of a clone. My only wish is that it had been done more justice at the end...

1. The Main Cast - through the combination of efforts from the actors and the creative team, the man characters of Smallville pretty much ALL should make it into a top 10 best things list. So I'm cheating and mentioning them all together
Eric Durance's Lois Lane was spot on. Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor was unlike any other and definitely the most explored the character has ever been. Lionel was one heck of a nasty SOB and the villain you loved to hate. Chloe was the absolute embodiment of my teen years, and I'm sure a lot of people felt that way. Oliver gave us the sexy bad boy in spades. The Kents grounded the show. We got a good Jimmy, a good Perry, Dr Hamilton, great portrayals of each JL and JS character. And Tom Welling did a fantastic job as Clark. The writer's didn't always get it right... But he was always consistent, and you really felt the change in him as Clark grew up.

I'm am glad for so many of the portrayals we've got Smallville to thank for

Coming next: Top 10 things I wish I could forget about Smallville!

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