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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
That's what I've been saying, so why not have Ultron as the main villain in Avengers 2 with Thanos being the villain in Avengers 3.
Agreed. Once you have Thanos there's nowhere you can go but down, and down is not a direction you want to go in when heading into the final chapter of a trilogy.

Well I'm not it's been darn near confirmed and it's not that silly considering Loki know's the whereabouts to something Thanos is interested in (Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's chambers).
Confirmed how and from where? Because every report I've heard has said that there's no mention of Thanos anywhere in the movie, nor does he make an appearance. Sure, he could be in an after-credits scene, but where Loki got his army is a pretty major plot point which would more than likely be explained in the body of the film itself instead of being left to a 30 second after the credits scene.

Moreover, if Thanos wanted the Cosmic Cube, he'd go get it himself. He certainly wouldn't trust Loki of all people to get it for him (And yeah, while he might want the Infinity Gems more, that doesn't mean that the Cosmic Cube's useless. He could absolutely use it to make it easier to get his hands on the gems).

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