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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

WOW, so I was browsing the topics and bit and was kind of surprised to see such a topic and it even had over 1.000 replies (in the previous part) !! I hope that was all against the idea (I won't read it because I'd just get mad). I for one can say with 100% guarantee that if this, or any other Superman they make in the future kills or leaves someone to die ON PURPOSE instead of saving them, I am walking out of the theater and I never want to hear about it again. Superman shouldn't kill, period. If he does that's not Superman. It may happen in some weird parallel world or alternate universe story for all I care but I don't care for those.

Of course, if Superman did exist it is realistic that he might come across an obstacle which the only way he could get rid of was to kill. Or kill to save countless other lives. BUT, that's just it. Superman does not exist and is a fictional character. Which means someone always writes him and it is the writers responsibility never to write a story that puts Superman in such a position. Because Superman ALWAYS finds a way. So creating such story plots would be against the character and is unnecessary.

I must say that this doesn't include non living/organic beings like Robots or such. Those things are destroyed not killed, imo. Of course there's a question of AI but that's just too complex and sci-fi of a subject for me to get into. And again, writers responsibility for keeping the character true to itself and avoiding such storylines.

And this is not about the issue of Superman not being to save everyone, of course he cannot. But if he can, he does. Im sure some would support the ´´I won't kill you but I don't have to save you`` route that became popular after Batman Begins, but that's Batman. If Superman does that, that's a deal breaker for me. I wouldn't even read such a comic much less watch a movie.

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