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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

This was much worse than the first. Nothing about the story was compelling. It was more or less riding on cool special effects and meh action sequences, and it didn't even have enough of those to go around. And yes, his "pennance stare" was so friggin lame, in both story and effect. Also, in the first battle he gets pwned. That was funny ****, but didn't really do much to bring home the effect that the rider is a badass.

I did still like Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze, and the decay person thing was kinda neat which was the only real leg up it had over the first: It had at least one compelling antagonist. (That said, Peter Fonda was by far a better devil.)

Otherwise, script was ****, casting was ****, direction was ****, and editing was ****. Soundtrack was cool for action sequences, but outside of that it didn't lend itself to the movie.

That said, I never understood the hate for the first one. It was a compelling first movie, and it's main problem was simply that it never had a compelling villain. It was like Johnny Blaze becomes a badass and then beats Blackheart who is a little more than just a little lame (but at least played by a half decent actor.)

All in all, this movie could have been a million times better, and probably not a million times worse. It was so bland it made vanilla sound exciting.

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