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Default Re: The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises - Part 1

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Yeah, because we don't know.
Lol "does not the most", I must've been tired as hell when I typed that.

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I'm going to see both of the films but as I said before and I'll say it again; there is no doubt which one will do the best at the box office. It's not a fanboy or fangirl thing it's just a fact that TDKR is a lock to make more than The Avengers. It's coming off of a 530million dollar mega hit and The Avengers is following a movie that did what? 170mil. And the highest grosser in the individual franchises did 318mil. There really isn't a huge battle, the question is how much will The Avengers lose by.
So is this thread only about the domestic gross or how much the films make overrall?

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