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Default The Dark Knight Casino Games

I don't go to the casino's a lot, but I do go some. Has anyone else seen the Dark Knight slot machines? I have seen three types:
  • One has clips from the movie, and normal match the symbols type stuff.
  • One is Joker themed, and repeatedly shows the jokerized trailer on the screen above it. It's great, I sometimes just stand and watch the trailer for 10-15 minutes at a time.
  • The third type is like a multiplayer, the Joker against Batman. There are four seats, with each being a slot machine, but there is some kind of game that also goes on on the massive screen above them, like a demolition race type thing with the Joker in the semi-truck and Batman in the batmobile. The screen is like an 84 or 105 inch monster.
I have some pictures, just too lazy to post. They are hilarious to see in that context, and it just goes to show what WB will do for money.

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