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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by The Incredible Hulk View Post
I think we were a lot more forgiving of episodes in Season 1 as they happened. Now when you go back and look at them, they don't hold up given the quality we got later on down the line, although they do have a somewhat more innocent and endearing quality to them.
For me Season 1 is the only season I can watch an episode and not have to pick apart stuff I like and dislike. The worst parts of Season 1 weren't bad, can't say that for anything after S1(although S2 for the most part is close although that's where some bad stuff starts creeping in). I think one of the stronger aspects of S1 was that the b and c plots were strong and I thought the storylines of those moved the show at a nice pace over the coarse of a season. Call me funny but I much rather watch the a-plot of an episode being Clark fighting some cheesy FOTW with entertaining sideplots, then the a-plot be Clark hates his life and is miserable because of recent circumstances(which generally was the tone in many mid to later season plots) with not so great sideplots. I personally rate S1 my second favorite season behind Season 4(most Lois-centric episodes rank among my favorites because I just like the mood Clark was around her, plus it had many other good non-Lois episodes). In general though I liked both seasons because both had a more light hearted tone when it came to Clark.

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