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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Okay, here's the first 5 of my Top 10 things I wish I could forget:

10. Marth Kent IS The Red Queen - JK had a great return to the show. First as a 'ghost' or figment of Clark's imagination, giving him guidance. And then in an alternate world, still proving to everyone why we loved him, why he is the reason Clark is such a good man.

Martha on the other hand, returned completely corrupted. And personally, I like to pretend it never happened.

Martha represents something homely IMO, and always should. Home baked food, hugs, being proud of her little boy.

She should not be The Red Queen... That's just... Not okay

9. Ridiculous movie rip offs - now, you can accuse a lot of shows of taking inspiration from movies for certain episodes... But no one does it quite like Smallville. The two worst for me where Mercy (Saw) and Collateral (Matrix/Inception). Both are so obvious rip offs that you literally want to throw your shoe at the tv. And what's worse? They aren't even done well! They're absolutely terrible attempts to copy a movie's plot and shove it into a 45 min Smallville episode!

8. Chloe's hero worship and mid series decline- it started with one line, at the beginning of season 5. 'I think your soooo amazing'.

And that was it... The character that I used to completely identify with, who I had loved from day one; lost all my respect. Even up to the last eppies of season 4 when she new his secret and was keeping it quiet for him without confronting him, she was easily my favourite character on the show. Mainly because I just had so much in common with her, it was like watching myself in the situations.

But season 5 saw a decline into a Chloe that was completely different. She served little purpose other than Clark's google machine and pep talker. Whenever he encountered a problem, she'd fix it and then say something cliched about his destiny and how important he was. And it was pathetically unreal. It didn't even feel like a friendship. They never hung out anymore, you're never saw them having a laugh and a joke or rarely even teasing each other... It was all 'Your too important blah blah'.

And what bugged me most was that half the term he didn't deserve the pep talks. He would have been better off with someone being straight with him (which sort of ended up being Oliver's role) and bringing him DOWN from the pedestal Chloe kept trying to shove him onto so he could feel grounded and human. (This is something they touched on a bit with Lois as well, but thankfully not as much).

Season 9 reparied a lot of the damage to Chloe though. After realising that Clark is not some flawless god, she seemed to start to want to find herself again. And then Oliver helped her do that

7. Chloe's mind rape - Ah Abyss. That episode caused the most intense debate I've ever had on a forum in my life.

Clark forcibly removes Chloe's memories without asking for permission, supposedly to 'keep her safe'. Of course this does nothing of the sort and actually leads to her being in MORE danger, and eventually being kidnapped by Doomsday and infected by Brainiac.

But what really bugged me was how the show was trying to make Clark look really noble for doing what he did. Making it this big 'Clark's making a sacrifice for his friend' moment, as though we should all go 'aw, isn't he sweet for erasing those memories for her?'

No. Superman is not God and does not have the right to strip someone of their free will, especially when it comes to their own memories! Chloe didn't want her memories gone. She told him that. And he did it anyway, because he thought he knew better than her what was safe for her (and he didn't)... And that's not something that should have been positioned to be a heroic act.

6. Doomsday, Davis Retcon, and the Jimmy Retcon - it's actually really hard for me to discuss how much I hate Davis Bloome and Smallville's ridiculous concept of a Jekyl and Hyde Doomsday who was a paramedic and in love with Chloe, and then whose human half decides to kill Jimmy. I think the phrase 'no, no, no, no, no, no, no' springs to mind. Not to mention retconning Clark's ship crash so that Doomsday crashed at the same time and they are 'brothers'!!!!

It was an awful idea from start to finish, even trying to have Doomsday on the show. Everything to do with that storyline was awful. The 'fights' where pathetic, especially the final one. The relationship between Chloe and Davis turned kind of sick. Davis Bloome was in general kind of an annoying character. It all just sucked.

And the Jimmy retcon... what the hell was the point of that? Just another thing in my list of things I like to pretend didn't happen.

Basically, the wanted to kill him off, but didn't want to face the wrath of fans saying 'Jimmy Olsen can't die cause he's canon'... So they said 'oh, he wasn't Jimmy after all, he was Jimmy's brother Henry! Fooled ya!.

I was not amused.

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