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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Webhead2006 View Post
well remember frank isnt doing the book's art, just some covers.
Yeah, but unfortunately a lot of comicbooks' art is initially judged by the cover. That's why when the cover artist is different than the interior artist it can get tricky. That's something I'm personally not always a fan of cuz I believe there should be some sort of consistency between covers and interiors. If it's a variant cover, then by all means make it look as different as they want. But if it's not then for the lack of a better phrase, it kind of takes away the feeling a little. We'll see, that's only nitpicking after all. And I still hope Frank gives us a better looking Tom Welling down the line.

PS: This is Frank's variant cover for Action Comics this month with the New 52 Superman:

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