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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Young Superman View Post
That looks AWESOME!
Originally Posted by The Incredible Hulk View Post
that looks incredible man At first I thought this was the art from the book. I know it's not but it SHOULD be.
Originally Posted by The Caped Knight View Post
SEE NOW THAT's HOW SUPERMAN Should look like.
Thanks guys, and yeah this is definitely my ideal vision of Superman, both in face and costume. I only wish we could see something similar, especially with a comic based on Smallville.
Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Yeah, but unfortunately a lot of comicbooks' art is initially judged by the cover. That's why when the cover artist is different than the interior artist it can get tricky. That's something I'm personally not always a fan of cuz I believe there should be some sort of consistency between covers and interiors. If it's a variant cover, then by all means make it look as different as they want. But if it's not then for the lack of a better phrase, it kind of takes away the feeling a little. We'll see, that's only nitpicking after all. And I still hope Frank gives us a better looking Tom Welling down the line.
I completely agree. Personally, I've never been a huge comic reader so I don't have to many, but usually for me, the biggest thing that draws me to a comic is the art style. For example, I got Secret Origin and Brainiac because I liked the style and the resemblance to Reeve. But /i believe there was a comic that continued that story arc with New Krypton and the first few pages were done by Frank, whereas the rest were done by someone else with a completely different art style. It really turned me away from that book so I didn't bother.

The same thing happened recently with a comic cover of the Green Arrow wearing the Smallville costume, and I was interested in the look and style, but the inside was different and it turned me away. I've seen other work from the cover artist on his deviantart page and he does excellent work, but I noticed a lot of it is only for covers and variant covers which I think does take away from the consistency and experience, at least for me.

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