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Default Re: Capt. Marvel/Ms. Marvel Film? (Good idea or GREAT idea?)

Originally Posted by Captain Marvel View Post
Bad idea. Don't bother with Mar-Vell at all and just make Ms. Marvel. She doesn't need Mar-Vell to have a workable origin, and having her dependent on another superhero who'll die is just starting her off on the wrong foot. Set her up as the main hero of her movie series from the start, not the backup hero.
How do you imagine the story going without Mar-Vell?

Originally Posted by Captain Marvel View Post
If Marvel wants a bomb, then go right ahead and make a movie with Mar-Vell. The guy can't carry a series past 30 or so issues, why does anyone think he'll be able to carry a movie? And to make a movie just to kill him and pass the torch to Ms. Marvel? So a woman can't carry a movie series unless a man starts it off for her? Is that the message people want to get across? Personally speaking, I want Ms. Marvel to have her own trilogy of movies, not a hand-me-down trilogy after Mar-Vell hogged one of the movies.
Contrast hits with celebrated heroines like Terminator and Aliens with moderate successes despite A list talent like Kill Bill and Tomb Raider. Ignore the plethora of abject failures. The message is already sent, ignore it at your own risk.

The reason to use Mar-vell is because it allows you to tell a brand new superhero story, one where the hero actually dies, actually loses, and his love interest takes up his mantle. With that in mind, the whole movie is constructed for Carol to be the hero, it's just not the cookie cutter way, it's not apparent until the overt hero dies. Executive Decision is a good example. Other films which pass the buck to a new hero include 300, Armageddon, The Book of Eli. Good films, in general. It's a very strong, rarely used twist. For me personally, Highlander: Endgame would be the ideal balance/climax/torch passing pacing. They work together, Mar-Vell is clearly the superior, but he passes his power to Danvers so that she can achieve the victory he cannot.

Who do you imagine as the villains involved in a Ms. Marvel trilogy?

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