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Default Re: Capt. Marvel/Ms. Marvel Film? (Good idea or GREAT idea?)

Originally Posted by Captain Marvel View Post
If Marvel wants a bomb, then go right ahead and make a movie with Mar-Vell. The guy can't carry a series past 30 or so issues, why does anyone think he'll be able to carry a movie? And to make a movie just to kill him and pass the torch to Ms. Marvel? So a woman can't carry a movie series unless a man starts it off for her? Is that the message people want to get across? Personally speaking, I want Ms. Marvel to have her own trilogy of movies, not a hand-me-down trilogy after Mar-Vell hogged one of the movies.
Comic sales don't matter. Green Lantern was one of the hottest properties in comicdom when that movie came out. Captain Marvel is a somewhat straightforward character with one notable storyline - his death.

It's not that a woman can't carry a movie series unless a man starts it off her, it's that it's a unique story that pertains to Ms Marvel wherein her predecessor dies and passes on the mantel.

Ms Marvel would have her own trilogy of films. It's just that the first would have a co-star. Her origin ties in directly to Mar-Vell, and combining that story with his death gives the tale emotional weight it wouldn't otherwise have had

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