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Default Re: Josh Trank to Direct Venom

Originally Posted by WolfCypher View Post
I don't think people want to see the same villains in every Spider-Man series of films. We know we have to get Green Goblin at some point in ASM. Lets save this new series for more villains we haven't gotten.
I agree with you, but Venom was so bad in SM 3 that I think you can make a proper Spider-Man film introducing the whole story again. and you would get a totally different movie. But, that all hinges on if it is actually done correctly.

Also, I don't think Venom needs to be the direct sequel to the reboot. If this new Spider-Man actually does well, plan ahead to make this maybe the 3rd or 4th movie down the line and do it right. That way we can get newer unseen villians in the Spider-Man franchise. I'd love to see black suit Spidey holding Shocker over the edge of the bell tower ala S-M: TAS

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