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Default Re: Josh Trank to Direct Venom

Originally Posted by Kirmit View Post
You can't know much about the character to call him one dimensional.
He is one dimensional. He has an obsession with Spider-Man and stalks him, making his life a misery. And he also has a twisted code of honour/justice. Yea, not very interesting.

All characters have potential, I'm a firm believer of the motto "no bad characters, just badly written ones". But for me, Brock Venom just shouldn't be a solo anti hero type.

As for a film about him, doing it without his obsession and psychological link to Parker is ridiculously stupid. It takes away any potential at an interesting character. Venom should be a horror movie esque villain for Spidey, not a solo anti hero. The whole anti hero approach to the character was stupid and reeked of pandering to little kids who thought he looked cool and wanted to see more of him in his own adventures.

Venom can work great as a re-occuring menace for Spidey. But the idea of him being a solo anti-hero was stupid in the comics and it's stupid as a film concept.

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