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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

I have 5 and 7 both close as my worst rated season. it's hard for me to think which one is worse since they both have a decent case to make.

In the case of S5, the big negatives for me was I hated the bigger storylines all throughout the season In the first half we have Clark all whiny because since he screwed up in Arrival somebody will die in his place(due to the events of Hidden) and in the second half he is whiny because he wonders what Lana is up to(to many scenes of Clark running to Chloe asking her about Lana). Season 5 to me had to be one of the most depressing Clark seasons of the series. Both those storylines interjected themselves to much into alot of episodes to drag them down and they were unavoidable(alot of times stuff I dislike will sort of be easy to avoid since it will be relegated to 1 or 2 scenes but Clark being depressed to many times was a running theme throughout an episode). A general rule of thumb for me is I usually find the first half of a season > second half for all seasons, but Season 5 is one of the few I think you could make an argument both halves were as equally as bad due to the bigger storylines dragging them down

On the flip side the negatives for S7 was it also had it's share of bad storylines plus it just felt like Clark's life was going nowhere and more then any other season it just felt like the show was stalling. While the worst stuff in S7 wasn't anywhere near S5's worst stuff in terms of how much I hated it, there was nothing stand out good in S7 either(which in the case of S5 there were at least a couple episodes I really enjoyed).

It's a case of what's worse

Alot of Terrible mixed with some Great (S5) or Not so good mixed with alot of Ok (S7). I probably would give a slight nod to S5 being better since stuff I love usually will have more a positive effect how I rate things then stuff I hate(ie terrible(S5) might be worse then bad(S7) but both get rated relatively equally when I factor it into how much i dislike a season as a whole)

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