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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Exactly. I mean, who likes a Batman that kills nowadays? Who actually wants Batman to go back to his old killing habits?

We live in a society that NEEDS good morals and ethics, cause lets face it, the world is a ****-hole...and if we can't look at our favourite heroes for comfort and little bit of guidance on whats right and wrong, just who the hell can people/kids look up to? God and Jesus seem to be forgotten nowadays too, so...

If a strong moral person like Superman goes around killing and justifying deaths...then what does that tell us exactly? For example that it's ok to kill someone as long as its a bad guy? That is wrong and doesn't sound like anything Superman would ever dream of doing. We have laws and morals for a reason. Superman isn't a cop, he doesn't have and doesn't want the authority to dish out death sentences.

A cop can kill if lives are at stake...but Superman isn't a cop. Same as Batman, he goes out for justice, not vengeance. That's why he simply brings the crooks in, so they can receive justice from the proper authority, NOT HIS authority or his call.

But Superman is more deeper than that, he was raised with strong morals of right and wrong...killing is the worst thing imaginable. So do you think he would commit such a terrible act or think above himself and others to say he actually has the right to take a life? I don't think so.
My god yes!

People in this thread have repeatedly tried to say Superman should kill because 'in the real world he'd have to'.

**** the real world. I want my fiction.

The other day I was watching one of those horror survival movies called frozen. Half way through the film after one of the guys has broken both his legs jumping from too high a height and then been eaten by wolves while his girlfriend is screaming, I turned to my friend and said 'This is why I prefer Superhero movies... cause I know everything is going to turn out all right. If this were a Superhero film, he'd have dropped and rolled and been fine.'

I don't WANT to see what would realistically happen if that realism means that the hero fails and has to kill somebody. I want it to all turn out hunky dory. I want it to be a heck of a journey to get there, I want there to be a lot of struggle. But it want it to end HAPPY.

Everyone wants elements of realism so that they can 'almost believe' that a hero like that could exist. It gives them hope. It makes them feel that teensy bit better about life.

But that realism should and does have limits in a Superman film. And it most definitely should not extent to whethe or not he'd have to kill villains.

Originally Posted by Alien Anal View Post
I kind of enjoy the idea of Superman wrestling with polar bears in the arctic. I imagine him just being playful and treating them like puppies. Not trying to actually hurt them just having fun.
It'd prob be weird in a big film, but i'd love to see it in a cartoon

Just accept that this is the direction they have taken.
Then, you can either decide this version isn't for you and stop watching. OR you can decide to enjoy it for what it is - an elseworlds tale.

'In Elseworlds, super-heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places - some that have existed, and others that can't, couldn't or shouldn't exist. The result is stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as tomorrow.'
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