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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
It's a possibility.

Though I cringe at any reliance of the fotress and the ghost of jor-el. But that's my issue, and mostly comes from it's overuse in Smallville
Aye, I agree with that. But it was with the circumstances at hand. It would be good if Jor-El, as a victim of Zod's war, would be the one to give him justice.

But I know the early days of the comics didn't have Jor-El's floating head in the fortress, and the fortress itself was actually in the mountains and not made of crystal, which Synder is doing, I think.

Even with that, saying as how Superman is from Krypton, and speaks for its victims. It would also be appropriate for Supes to assume the role of judge, jury and exectioner...and banishing Zod to the Phantom Zone. It would also heighten Supes' own form of justice. Knowing that the PZ is worse than death...but still keeping the criminals alive.

SEE, thats even darker than killing them, but its the right thing to do!

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