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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Worst season to me is probably S7. I liked Kara and the Bizarro eps were cool, Lara was great too but as a whole I find this season the most distasteful. Lana being a total hypocrite didn't help matters either. After blaming Clark for so long for keeping secrets, she did the same when she kidnapped Lionel and yet accused Clark of not trusting her more. That was the year when I literally wanted to grab through the screen and choke her out cuz her character pissed me off that bad.
I agree with all of this. After Season 3, Lana just got really tiresome imo. I never really liked her character to begin with, or Kristen's acting skills for that matter, but you're right, Season 7 definitely brought me to the point where every time I saw her I just hoped and prayed that it would be the last time. But, that's not to say that when Lana left Clark for good after being pumped full of Kryptonite, that was a really sad scene... One of the saddest scenes in the series imo.

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