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Default Re: The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises - Part 1

Originally Posted by PowerPacked View Post
Your argument there revolves around me trying to disprove that Twilight and Hunger Games will make a ton of money.

Twilight making more than TDKR is not that big of a stretch. It has a rabid fanbase, the 'finale factor' (unless that only applies to TDKR?), and has no real competition. It's entirely possible.

Hunger Games is a fastly growing fanbase, ticket presales have broken records, and it looks very good.

I don't see your logic here. Not being everyone does not mean it's not valid. Hell, on the scale of the planet, less than a billion people go to see movies at the theater. Otherwise the highest box office gross would be about 8-10 billion.

When films do test screenings, or TV shows have pilots, they don't show them to every person in the world. Does that mean those are unimportant? Not at all.

So cut the sarcastic bull**** responses and act maturely. I pointed out your failure in math because you failed completely.
Oh yes, I was the one being immature.

No, my point strikes at your notion and ridiculous claim that Facebook Likes = Legitimate Box Office Numbers/Hype, even though you've yet to provide any real concrete evidence to disprove my 'math'.

By your incredibly flawed logic, The Women in Black should have made a killing at the Box Office, and Inception should have flopped. So how do you have the audacity to insult my 'math' when yours is completely based on ball-park speculation and nothing more.

Are you truly this dense?

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