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Default Re: IGN's Top 25 Comic Book Movies

Honestly, someone who thinks Nic Cage's Adam West impression in Kick Ass is a bad thing, you have no soul or funny bone. It was an inspired bit of improv from Cage. It was funny and it made sense to the character. He's a middle aged man who is a fan of comics, which means he used to watch the old 60s Batman show. Him using that as his "superhero voice" is genius. It makes Big Daddy a more fully realised and three dimensional character.

And Kick Ass the movie is better than the comic because it's not ridiculously cynical and borderline mean spirited towards the fanbase that it's aimed for. It still has the satire/deconstruction elements, but it's also a loving tribute to the genre in all it's forms. For example, Kick Ass is the more optimistic "silver age" hero, Hit Girl/Big Daddy are the more cynical, "grimdark" anti heroes of the 90s.

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