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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

Ok I do not believe Superman should kill; but as someone who does not read the comic books, when if ever has he been written as someone who kills? Also what is the reason given for why he can't shouldn't and won't? Is it because of his upbringing with the Kents? Or because he knows as the strongest being on the planet there needs to be a line he doesn't cross or he will turn into Emperor Palpatine or some other form of tyrant? Or is it just to give hope to humanity?
The only person I have ever wanted and rooted for Superman to kill is Darkseid; Doomsday was a necessity, but all the other villains I have never felt needed to be killed by him.
Now for Batman I go back and forth, I've seen Return of the Joker and that sure as he11 made me want Batman to kill the SOB.


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