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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Real Name:Jacob Smith
Eye Color:Red
Hair Color:Blue
Powers:Cryokinesis (ice) , Pyrokinesis (fire) , and Power Augmentation (enhancement or Weaken of others powers)
Origin of Powers:unknown born with ice and fire powers. Developed Power Augmentation
Bio: one of the most powerful mutants ever. But dont get him mad, when he gets mad he lites himself on fire. He felt lonly. Until he met another mutant like him named desmond. But eventually desmond turned evil and betrayed Jacob. Who learned about Charles Xaviers school for gifted children. Eventually he became great friends with iceman. Now he has his own team of mutants.
Teacher:his old teacher was Wolverine
Height:6feet 2 inches
Weight:187 pounds
Outfit:Fire-proof Jeans and a fire-proof t-shirt
Physical Abnormalites: his skin is a redish color

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