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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Polux View Post
The thing that always bothered me about Hawkeye (and Green Arrow) is this; ok, you have all of your trick arrows in the quiver ON YOUR BACK, yet, when you need a tranquilizer, tazer or a friggin punch glove arrow, you just take your hand to the back of your head and you know EXACTLY which arrow to pick??

I mean, sorry, I think Clint and Ollie are awesome; but am I the only one...??

A couple of Hawkeye bios say that he has notches on the nocks of his arrows that tell him what kind they are. Seems a pretty good explanation, though the speed at which they draw from the quiver, I can't imagine you'd get a feel that quick of which arrow you're pulling. But then they also arrange them in the quiver in order, and its not like they have 30 different arrow types - just 5 would do.

Taser, regular, boxing glove (though by boxing glove I mean the type below), timed explosive, sonic emitting or gas releasing, and one grapnel.

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