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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

Lol, Decoy makes a good point, though. For that reason, I think a film budget somewhere in the $80-100M range would be more appropriate. Similar to what the Blade series got. So when it pulls down 2-300M, it's considered a success. If it does pull in $400M+, it can shatter the Will Smith myth. If not, it'll still be successful.

Alternately, you can cast Denzel Washington as T'Chaka and Morgan Freeman as S'Yan, and include Nicky Fury in the storyline IM2 style. Having those three together would pretty much pwn the world, black or white or otherwise. Take the young lead surrounded by star power motif and apply it to black actors, basically. And as much as some people wouldn't mind Smith, he's not going to sign a six picture deal. I don't think he's ever even signed a 2 picture deal. So he's not an option, thus the only real choice becomes bringing the budget down and using it a lot smarter.

To me, that's pretty straightforward. All the SFX BP needs is a few establishing shots of Wakanda, and a couple vibranium vibration absorption effects, and sound blasts from Klaw. Beyond that, everything is practical. Go to actual Africa, fly in a small cast and a few dozen talented stuntmen, including fight choreographers like Michael Jai White (Spawn, Black Dynamite) and free runners like S├ębastien Foucan (Casino Royale), use local labor for construction of the palace, Wakandan facilities and for extras. Practical sets for the second act (get great cinematogrpaher to capture Africa's natural beauty), soundstage (either there or here) for the palace and for the vibranium mound. Do some humanitarian event for free publicity and good will marketing. In the previews, put the big names up, show a fight scene and preview its connectedness to the rest of the MCU, show the white sidekick (Ev Ross) to prove it's not just for black people. Sold. It's a relatively cheap movie to make, if you're working backwards from $150M.

Keep in mind, this is the type of film that will do a lot better overseas than in the states, like Thor, as opposed to Captain America or Iron Man. So even if it doesn't make 100M over here (and it would, just on the marvel banner), it's going to bust 200M in all the other markets.

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