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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

I don't like how a few things were completely disregarded and ignored:

- Bruce's parents. Not even a mention. Not even a picture.

- Bats. Like, actual bats used for tactical purposes. Or just a bat.

- No regard for Ra's Al Ghul or the League of Shadows. I know they're not crucial or necessary to the plot... but not even a mention of how Bruce saved the Narrows by defeating Ra's... Just to re-cap?

I realize that TDKR will probably be the return of ALL these things - Bruce's parents, bats, and LOS and Ra's... which is why it makes their absence in TDK so awkward.

The things we saw in 2005 will be seen again in 2012. That's a 7 year gap of seeing NOTHING regarding Bruce's parents or bats.

Still... I love TDK. I'm just nitpicking.

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