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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
How so?

I agree.
Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
Naive? Yes, at first anyway. An idiot? Absolutely not. An idiot could not take a small technology made by an associate and implement it on a huge scale using a supercomputer by himself right under his associate's nose. There has not been another live action Batman to do something as intelligent that.
Because 1. He thinks criminals aren't complicated and that they all have reasons for doing what they do. 2. He thinks giving up being Batman will stop the Joker killing people. 3. He thinks he hasn't broken his "one rule" and seems surprised that Maroni is more frightened of Joker than him. 4. He thinks he has a chance with Rachel even after revealing himself as Batman.

The supercomputer was impressive. Although I don't like the idea of Batman having a "Q" to create all this tech for him. He should be doing it himself. That's part of Batmans "superpower" so to speak.

So I wouldn't actually call him an idiot really. He is very, very naive though. Waaaaay too naive for someone as well travelled and as "apparently" intelligent as Bruce Wayne.

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