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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Yeah they kill your future wife and leave you deformed. That's like an average weekend, I cannot think how that could possibly disturb somebody.
I did not say it wasn't a horrible thing that happened to him! I said that I his insanity did not seem believable for me. The relationship between him and Rachel was too forced and I hardly found it believable that Bruce was so torn up about it, let alone Harvey going psycho. If the events had happened to Gordon's family, I might have been able to swallow it; but killing Rachel being one of the catalysts for him to go crazy just did not sit well with me. I am not hating on the movie or the writers and clearly for the majority it was fine, but for me I just felt it was just a little too convenient of a light switch, they kill my girlfriend so I guess I'll decide to go crazy with a little help from her killer.


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