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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Looking back, I think the use of regular mobsters like Gambol and the Cechen were a disappointment. Black Mask could've been the mob's banker, and the normies could've been replaced by lower tier freaks from the rogues gallery like Killer Croc and Scarecrow.

Since the trilogy looks to be one that
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encompasses the entirety of Batman's career, the presence of the freak mob elements in part two would've made it feel more like it was mid way into his career

Still its a good superhero movie.

@Rocketman: I think that at the beginning of TDK, Bruce felt as if his crusade against Gotham's corrupt elements was nearing its end. He and Gordon had the mob in a corner and there was only one weirdo in makeup to take care of. The things snowballed and bringing down Joker while establishing himself a way out via Dent took over Bruce's life. He had no time then for his parents, the bats etc.

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