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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

I never understood how Michael Bay is any of these things. Firstly, The Rock, Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers, and Dark of the Moon basically are all about how the Government is a bunch of bums who mistreat the "common folk" who make up our military. So wait? Loving the military is a bad thing? Making a movie about how soldiers are basically forgotten, that their deaths are concealed, even from their own kin makes you a jingoist?!?

Sh**, in the first movie Michael Bay MAKES FUN OF George W. Bush, then actually is pretty fair in how he references Obama two movies later. This guy is a neocon? We must be watching different movies.

By the by, if Bay is sexist then nearly every action movie is sexist. Clearly Jon Favereau and company cast Scarlett for her ability to do a convincing Russian accent, and her believeability as a super-secret agent. Because we all know undercover agents look like that.

Then of course the age old "racism" charge. Ah yes! The man whose responsible for one of the ONLY black dominant major action film franchises is secretly a racist. That's why he made Bad Boys I and II. That's also why he made basically the only black character in Transformers a computer hacker, because we all know that old, tired stereotype. My, in the deep south they're always so concerned their computers will get hacked by black people. They burn effigies of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the lawns of black families just trying to live their lives. I've seen it! They get called awful names like "geek" and "four eyes", it's deplorable.

Bay basically knows what sells. No one claims his products are of high quality, but Bay's skill lies in his cinematography, special FX, and his ability to deliver basically what you would consider low brow entertainment. He's basically the Chuck Lorre of movies. There's nothing sexist, jingoist or racist about it. It's like going to McDonald's, and then claiming they lack moral foundation because you don't like the food, even when they never lied to you and tried to make you think it was gourmet in the first place. When have you ever watched a Bay trailer and been like "wow, looks like Michael is going for the Oscar bait". Never! Michael Bay is a fun first priority film maker.

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