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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Originally Posted by MrWayne View Post
You know, I was wondering and I'm sorry if this was discussed to death but I always wondered why Gambol was so enraged when Joker appeared. Then I wondered if the bank that Joker robbed in the prologue belonged to Gambol. Maybe this is why he wanted to rip his head off? Again sorry if this was a duh observation lol

I loved the Chechen and Falcone. I'm gna miss those guys.
Well, The Joker robbed the mobsters bank, which means he stole a portion of Gambol's $68 million. Add to the fact that Lau had to seize the rest of their funds, and transport it to a secret location without their consent, while The Joker is offering to get it back for half of their net worth....yeah, financially, I think he's having a bad day.

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