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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Above all else, I really wish that they had been more focused in ending the show in Season 10 than in trying to bring back as many characters as they could.

One of the things that I felt that made Season 9 the best in many recent season is that Season 9 felt as though it had a clear direction to go through, whereas with Season 10, it felt like they were trying to do everything they wanted do while having forgotten the main emphasis of the season's arc, which was to conclude Clark's transformation as Superman.

Darkseid's influence on humanity and his presence should have been more focused on instead of diving into things like the Alternate Reality. They really had potential with the whole Hero Registration thing.

If the show had been given a bigger budget in season 10, like the one that they had in earlier seasons which was said to be much higher, along with knowing on how to go about executing the season's main storyline, I think they could have given us something so much more better than what we originally got.

Hell, we may have gotten a Darkseid that would have interacted more with characters and that truly felt like a character in his own right; and if schedules had been permitted, I would have loved to have seen ONE JLA episode, where they could bring back most of the members to have a all out war with Darkseid's forces.

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