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Default Re: SMALLVILLE RETURNS! novel form

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
That's what makes least sense about the Lex mindwipe. It totally takes any sort of character development or realism out of it. People's personalities are shaped by their life choices. Or in what way you grew up, what people you choose to surround yourself with, what direction you decided to take in life, all of that. Some people say the mindwipe doesn't take much away and he's still Lex Luthor, he's got the same emotions, he's evil at his core, and I just don't buy it. Cuz how does it happen for someone to wake up one morning with no memories whatsoever of his previous life and just say: "Oh, I'm gonna be an evil bastard, muwahahaha". There's nothing believable about this whatsoever and I'm really curious to see how Bryan Miller handles it. The Lex mindwipe is the only big problem I had from the finale, the no-suit didn't bother me that much. I hope if Lex doesn't have any of his memories, Miller gives him some reasonable meaning to be a villain.
Agreed; heck even the series showed that Lex was capable of being good had he picked the right choices; and no one is innately good or bad and that it's their decisions and experiences that result in shaping who they are.

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