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Default Re: Erica Durance - Lois Lane : The Iconic Reporter

If these pics are considered too Off Topic (mostly very non Smallville-ish obviously), then some mod might delete this post. I just thought we all might enjoy some hot pics of this goddess.

On Topic: When ED first appeared (as Chloe's cousin, if I remember right?), I thought (as well as many other strange concepts in Smallville) that her version of Lois Lane was mostly annoying, and almost ridiculous. But during all the weirdness along the seasons she grew on me, and in the end she turned out to be a really great Lois Lane.

IMO Supes/Clark should've met her at the Daily Planet as in the comics canon, that's when her character got written mostly really good (again that's just IMHO).

Oh yes, the pics:

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