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Default Re: SMALLVILLE RETURNS! novel form

Originally Posted by vantheman77 View Post
KSite has posted an interview with Cassidy Freeman concerning original plans for her character in the SV Finale and the comic series.
That would have been interesting to see on what they would have done with her character if they allowed her to live.

But didn't they also say that another part of their back up plan, had MR not been available to film his scenes for the finale, was to somehow show that Lex was still alive and that he was pulling all of the strings, or something to that effect? Either way, if that came about as well, that still would have kept both endings with Lex being alive.

In any case, the comic book series should allow BQM to tackle huge scale things like:

1. Zod's return from the PZ with his PZ Army/Minions

2. Doomsday's return and them really playing up the "Death of Superman" angle

3. Darkseid returning with a army this time and the New Age Gods getting involved

4. Us seeing updated costumes for the remainder of the JLA team

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