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Default Re: How many years should WB wait before making a Batman reboot?

One thing is for sure, I doubt if WB will wait too long for another series installment of the Batman franchise. The franchise has got to be a huge moneymaker overall. This must be true of not just the more recent Christian Bale efforts, but the various movies going back to the 89 Batman with Keaton/Nicholson. Batman is a super hero that appeals to wide variety of audience members, not a just niche audience like say Ghost Rider or Spawn. So in a profit driven world, WB won't keep one of their super star franchise characters on the sidelines for long. Besides that, it's not like DC is throwing a lot of weight behind their other characters for movie adaptions, like Marvel is currently doing. Seems to me Batman and Superman are their "go to" super heroes, although I would enjoy seeing a Justice League live action movie. If the Avengers kick butt, we just might.
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