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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Alien Anal View Post
If Superman doesnt kill is it still alright for him to inflict pain upon another being?
Superman does not kill, but he is not a pacifist either. If someone threatens his homeworld or his loved ones, he is quite a brawler (or in Grant Morrison's words; ´´he’s a brawler who doesn’t give in until he’s dead or the bad guy’s down``). So if someone is inflicting pain upon him in a battle he'll return the favor and there is nothing wrong with that. Superman is not Jesus Christ (too bad Bryan Singer didn't get that memo!)

Originally Posted by Alien Anal View Post
This is what brings me to the idea the Supes would be a vegetarian as most meat eaters are fine with eating meat because they consider the animal to be killed humanely(not that this is always the case)
I think there's enough issues available to deal with in regards to Superman without resorting to vegetarian propaganda. I don't ever want to see such nonsense being brought up in a Superman movie as it is a waste of screen time and doesn't belong in a Superman movie.

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