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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

After having watched this a few times I will say the things I disliked are

1. Red Skull- gets the cube that will "change the world" yet every time Cap shows up he packs up and runs to the next base over and over.

2. WW2 In Name Only- It's all about Hydra, no Nazi's, concentration camps, nothing.

3. The Cosmic Cube- The thing I disliked most about this movie was the Cosmic Cube, I mean what was the point? Red Skull gets the cube and makes super weapons yet his forces are always outmatched by the good guys with regular weapons which leads to the question why are the good guy's not using the super weapons they took from Hydra and why are they not taking more of them from each base they go to, but then again I guess it's not like they needed them?

4. the ending- Why couldn't they use the super weapons to shoot down Red Skull's plane? Why did Steve have to crash the plane when it seemed like all it was filled with was a bunch of little planes that no longer had any pilots?

I do like this movie but it is my least favorite Marvel Studio film.

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