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Default Re: Capt. Marvel/Ms. Marvel Film? (Good idea or GREAT idea?)

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
My problem with Ms Marvel is that its one of those "female version of male character" names, even though more people have probably heard of Carol Danvers than Mar-Vell these days. Warbird at least fits with her military origins.
Well that has never been a problem for people in everyday life. You get plenty of girls' names which are the female equivalent of males (or vice versa):

eg: Samantha/ Samuel; Henrietta/ Henry; Patricia/ Patrick; Georgina/ George; Josephine/Joseph; Michaela/ Michael; Christine/ Christopher etc.

And what about she/he or woman/man?

It's not like a female version doesn't hold any weight on her own. It's part of our human culture to have something like that.

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