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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
I agree that there’s a distinction. But (at least some of) the rhetoric in this thread suggests otherwise. The objection is often framed as: “what’s happened to society/fandom when we think the only way for a hero to be ‘cool’ is if they kill?” That could just as easily be reworded to repudiate all acts of aggression or violence. (What’s ‘cool’ about hitting someone?) So if the “moral high-ground” is going to be used as an argument, it should be applied consistently.
Yeah, but I don't consider a ´´no kill`` code to be a moral high-ground, if it was im sure there'd be a hell of a lot more killing out there. People get into fights all the time, but they very very rarely end up killing each other. I mean, I would have no hesitation of punching someone's lights out if they raised their hand on me, but I wouldn't take their life. I guess this ´´issue`` is just very simple for me. Superman always finds a way and never takes a life.

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