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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

Originally Posted by John Locke View Post
No, Superman should not kill. The fact that he has in the past doesn't matter because he doesn't now. Killing is not something he does anymore. That aspect has become part of his character. There are many reasons why he doesn't, the Kents, because he's afraid of becoming a god, to be a model for others, because he is human, etc. Having Superman kill would make the him a different character than the one in modern comics, animated shows, movies, hell even Smallville. Whether you love Smallville or hate it you have to admit it got Clark Kent right. This enitre question was addressed in the majority of season 8. When he talks to the Legion of Superheroes he says, "You speak of a code, but if it had anything to do with me, rule number one would be do not kill ever!" Not killing in his number one rule and he witholds to that rule even more so then Batman. Superman just hasn't had an entire movie devoted to this issue.

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