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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

I think people fail to realise that Superman doesn't have just a 'no kill policy'. It IS a 'no kill philosophy'.

When you look at something philosophically, it completely grips you psychologically. You have basically an unbreakable belief in something, you absolutely swear by it and cant see anything else.
So how do you break an unbreakable belief in someone?

Superman's views on life is philosophical, very, very deep. That's at best how it would be decribed.

Like Batman, he wouldn't kill because he believed in his fathers philosophical view on life. That life, no matter who's it is, ALL LIFE is sacred, and should be saved and preserved by whatever means. That's why Batman saves the lives of even the Joker. Because even HIS life is sacred. He hates those who take life, but it's not within him to break his views on life, reinforced by his belief that he is a good person, and all good people should do the right preserve life, not end it.

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