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Default Re: Should this Superman kill? - Part 1

Superman just needs a reasonable place to draw the line, and that is simple, due to philosophical reasons, he does not believe it is right to deliberately kill anyone.

It does not need to be too complex, he is a guy who does not want to see anyone else die, and has to make a conscious effort to avoid killing anyone even by accident, due to his vast power. Its important to him to avoid taking any deliberate actions with intent to kill.

I think it should be kept to those basic important reasons, and not get silly.

Getting silly would be Superman exiling himself from earth if a criminal shoots him in the back and the bullet bounces off and hits him in the face killing the gunman instantly. Obviously Superman took no direct action in killing the guy, and despite having super speed he does not always have time to think about where every bullet that bounces off of him goes. Going crazy over every accidental death that happens around him would get stupid. Superman regularly gets himself involved in life and death situations, and he will not be able to save everybody, nor does he have the ability to stand in the way of someone intent on winning a Darwin award.

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